Starting 1st of May - Click 'n' Collect from Hanson Street


Hello friends,

Hope you're all well.

Our brand new Click 'n' Collect service is launching Friday 1st of May, coinciding with the reopening of our shop! You will be able to order drinks 5-10 minutes in advance of your arrival and we will have them ready for you to pick up. Follow this link and then save it to your home screen so that it looks and behaves like an app. It's pretty sweet:

Click 'n' Collect

We have gone out of our way to design the user experience so that all aspects of your drink (cup size, number of shots, etc.) are clearly seen and are, on top of that, highly customisable. So if you want a freddo espresso in a regular cup but with the number of shots of the larger size and with just a bit less water than usual, there's an option for that!

As we find ourselves in the midst of a pandemic, we are instituting measures that will keep the risk of transmission to an absolute minimum and coffee pleasure to a maximum - after all, the great British summer is imminent, when our freddos will be right in their element. Specifically,

1) Takeaway-only service, for the time being. This means, we will be temporarily removing our furniture from outside the shop.

2) Personal coffee cups will not be accepted; again, for the time being.

3) Click 'n' Collect service, especially encouraged for bigger orders, will help ensure that the number of customers waiting outside the shop stays low.

4) Both me and Miranda will be wearing masks during service.

5) Contactless payments preferred.

6) Hand sanitiser available at all times.

We hope these measures afford us all sufficient safety and confidence in our interactions. Having said that, we do hope we can gradually start to relax these in the coming weeks/months.

See you all soon




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