This is a big one: Ecological packaging

Hi everybody,

I am super excited to announce that Alex Coffee now leads the industry in terms of the ecological credentials of its packaging. Specifically:

The coffee itself is packed and sealed under vacuum inside a completely biodegradable and compostable refill pouch, made by Grounded. Any air that remains in the pouch is mostly nitrogen, not oxygen.

The shipping package, for all sizes, is recyclable, biodegradable, compostable, and comes from a carbon-neutral factory. Made by Colompac.

I believe this is the most non-polluting way of selling coffee beans that is currently achievable, and available, anywhere.

Furthermore, I have priced the coffee in such a way as to encourage everyone to buy coffee in larger quantities. If one buys a kilo, instead of quarters, there are three shipments that don't need to be packed and transported. My state-of-the-art vacuum packing ensures that the coffee will be at its peak when you open it, whenever you open it.

Hope you all enjoy it.



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