Signature coffee (whole beans)

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Our signature coffee is roasted and blended to produce a classic, familiar flavour profile (think more chocolate than tropical fruit) that is strong and full-bodied, yet without any hard roast flavours (such as aggressive bitterness or burnt notes), becoming naturally sweet as it cools in the cup. The acidity is soft and tempered, not ‘bright’ or sour. As such, it will mix beautifully with milk. The aftertaste lingers pleasantly and without a sense of dryness.

We use only specialty-grade, ultra-traceable, current-harvest Arabica beans of extraordinary quality and provenance. As such, the coffees we select come only in limited quantities. We evaluate new coffees seasonally as they arrive from their respective origins and alter the composition of the blend accordingly to express the cup characteristics described above. It is, therefore, likely that the beans you receive may be of single origin, not a blend of different origins. For more information on origin and provenance, feel free to write to Alex directly at